Babies' Guide to Parents (and other important people)
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Our Mission
Hello to you all! 
Are you expecting?  Do you know exactly what it is that you are expecting?  (other than the fact that one of us is on the way)  Do you know if your life will have any impact on our little lives?  Do you know what the growth area is that is in-between genetically predisposed and learned behavior?  And do you know just how much that growth area affects our particular development?  Do you know when to introduce baby cereal and why?  These are many questions that many parents do not think of in the list of the many questions that they go through while they are awaiting the arrival of their newborn.  Many thoughts include having enough diapers, bottles, whether or not to breastfeed, and how to decorate the baby's room.  We take all of your initial concerns and address them, next we have taken out almost all medical terms and conditions to take out the fear of what we could be diagnosed with, in order to concentrate on the biggest, most powerful message that we can give you.  And that is love, the bond, sharing of lives and time between you and us.

Babies' Guide to Parents (and other important people)
  • No one can dictate everything to you for us, you need to explore what makes you a great parent, grandparent, babysitter, aunt, uncle, or family friend
  • Our 'guide book' is just that, it's the same as an outline for a story where you fill in the in-betweens
  • We made sure to keep this book simple, funny, supportive, loving, yet addressing key issues in the baby's development through the first twelve months
  • We cannot tell you enough, just how comfortable and confident you will feel after reading our book
  • We list some helpful hints for things that you can do at home for babies who are feeling a little 'under the weather'
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