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Welcome to our Web site.  We understand the 'fear factor' that many mommies and daddies have thinking about our arrival, but we have taken care of many of those concerns and worries.  We are not medical professionals, just babies, and we have a wealth of information to share with you!  All of our information comes to you through love, support, laughter and guidance.  Exactly all of the ingredients that there should be when you are talking about babies!  We love you so much!  Please, enjoy the book that we have made for you and yes, if you get it before one of us arrives, you will have a guide book to take home from the hospital with us!
Meri E. Ramey-Gray has her BA in Psychology and has concentrated much of her work towards healthy beginnings for babies, children and their families.  Ramey-Gray had worked with Northern Virginia Family Services Early Head Start/Head Start for two terms as President/Chairperson.  This work took to her as she felt that she was giving a voice to the little ones who could not yet speak for themselves.  This is what brought her to writing from her experiences with over 200 families.  Ramey-Gray brings a very unique view of 'parenthood' with being from the babies' point of view.
"As host of The Authors Show, I have had the pleasure of interviewing
hundreds of authors and have reviewed a very large number of books. I can
say without hesitation that Meri Ramey-Gray has written a book that should
be required reading for any new parent. It is well written, concise, easy to
read and is packed with advice and much needed information. As a father, I
can only say I wish this book had been available 17 years ago."

Don McCauley
Host - The Authors Show
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